Behavioral scientist by profession, designer by passion.

I am a behavioral scientist passionate about designing services that are seamless, feel natural and meet both consumer and business needs.

I have been working within research and design fields in both academia and industry for over 8 years. Having a good understanding of how people make decisions and how design may change their behavior, I perceive myself as a good liaison between research and design. With analytical mindset and service design methodology, I’m good in translating customer needs into business opportunities.

I like to challenge businesses in order to drive innovation. I’ve been disrupting and innovating customer experiences for Tobii, IKEA, and lately Vattenfall. I like to follow human-centered design trends-setters such as Fjord or IDEO, but I’m not afraid of finding new own solutions that address customer needs and/or their pain points. I find interdisciplinary teams, co-creation and design workshops as powerful tools to arrive at creative solutions that will bring value to both customers and business.

Latest work experience


Service Designer

2019 - current

Tobii Pro

Account Manager & UX Researcher

2017 - 2019

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Latest education

Professional Scrum Master with User Experience

Certified Scrum Master PSU I


PhD in Psychology

The effects of information processing fluency on judgment, consumer choices, and eye movements

2013 - 2019

Postgraduate studies in Service Design

Redefiniton and redesign of claim process for IKEA

2017 - 2018

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